BATTLE ROYALE - 7/15/2022 4:30 PST on TWITCH

BATTLE ROYALE - 7/15/2022 4:30 PST on TWITCH

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We have a stack of hit pokemon cards. For your purchase, you will receive 1 card per spot you buy. The random card you receive becomes your champion in the Battle Royale game!

2 Cards are chosen at random for battle. We compare RAW DAMAGE, whilst factoring in weaknesses and resistances, to find who is the winner. The loser is eliminated and is taken out of the game. The winner continues on to fight again. We do this until we have 1 winner!

NO MATTER WHAT - you get the random card or 'champion' - even if you don't win any prizes.

Tonight the prizes shown;

1st = 20 Evolving Skies Packs 
2nd = 10 Evolving Skies Packs
3rd = 6 Evolving Skies Packs
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