CARD FLIP RETURNS - 20 spots! (6/28/2024) 6:30 PM PST ON TWITCH

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Tonight's Flip contains - 20 hit cards! Full Arts, Full Art Trainers, Trainer Galleries and MORE
(check the 2nd photo to see what cards!)

What time?
The show starts at 6:30 PM PST

What is a card flip?
A spot flip is comprised of x number of cards ( in tonight's flip we have 40 ) that have an assortment of prizes written, at random, on the face of the sleeve of the card.

What is the cost?
Each flip in tonight's game is $25 a spot. Buy 10? You get 10 cards and 10 cards with prizes written on the front of them. Then just sit back and enjoy the show! All products are presumed to be opened live unless a prior arrangement has been made.

What about shipping?
Shipping is INCLUDED in tonight's game (within the US)


Where is it happening?
twitch - click here 

What you can win in tonight's game;

4x Twilight Masq ETBs
2x Paldean Fates Tins
1x Virizion V Tin
1x Gengar Tin
12x (6x) Twilight Masquerade Packs

1 spots will be receiving a FULL TWILIGHT MASQUERADE BOOSTER BOX!!