CGC Grading Service

CGC Grading Service

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We are proud to partner with and be officially sponsored by Ludkins Collectables, the #1 PSA and TCG Grading Service in the world!

Want to get your cards graded but not sure how, don't meet quantity breaks, or just don't want to deal with the hassle? We've got you covered! We've been doing this for several years and with our service, you get insurance on your cards and expedited processing.

Set the quantity to how many cards you'd like graded and after you've completed your order, we'll be in touch with you on how to ship your cards to us.

Once your cards arrive back from the grading process, we'll ship them back to you immediately with insurance and tracking

It's really as simple as that! Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.


Bulk - Is currently at 65 Business Days and is typically the range in which the longest turnaround fluctuation can occur. If the value of a card, once grading is complete, exceeds $99 you may be subject to additional fees.

Economy - Is currently at 50 Business Days. If the value of a card, once grading is complete, exceeds $400 you may be subject to additional fees.

These times fluctuate as CGC expands and takes in more orders. Rest assured your cards will be in the right hands. 

What are CGC Sub-Grades?

Sub-grades are grades that provide further detail into the card’s overall grade. Sub grades can enhance the value of the card. There are four sub-grades: Centering, Surface, Corners, and Edges.

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